Blowfish Testicles. You Really Need Some Balls to Eat These. Don't Try This At Home...Ever.

(fugu photo:

Believe it or not, there are even some things I wouldn't recommend ingesting. Animal testicles — bon app├ętit. Professionally prepared blowfish — go for it.

But, blowfish testicles, that's literally a recipe for death.

Try lamb fries instead. It only tastes like something died, but at least that something won't be you.


Anonymous said…
I love adventurous eating, especially crazy bits like testicles. Me and amy significant other took a road trip to Montana to go to the Testicle Festival to eat bull's balls. They were freaking delicious. Blowfish, not so much apparently.
gourmetpigs said…
We survived! Well, no testicle for us - thank god!

Anyway, nice to finally meet you, you notorious-blogger-great-R&B-karaoke-er!