One Taco to Rule Them All...The Kogi BBQ Truck Keeps on Truckin'

Kogi & Hobbitz
Dominic Monaghan and Elijah Wood about to get their Kogi on. (photo: Eric Shin)

On the way from the Shire trying to ditch some little ring, Elijah and Dominic built up quite an appetite and took a pit stop at the Kogi Truck to have the best tacos of their lives.

The Kogi Revolution just continues to gain, uh, revolters? Nah, followers sounds better. Yes, the Kogi Revolution continues to gain followers and some of them are big Hollywood stars. I've never eaten at Mr. Chow's like lots of other big time celebs, but, hey, I've done the Kogi thing. So, me and Elijah have at least one thing in common...well, that and the hairy feet thing. Just joking, Elijah. I Nad's mine every other day. Overshare.

Please, Kogi, whatever you guys do, just don't start a VIP line and set up velvet ropes. Don't believe the hype and keep on keepin' it real.

And keep on taco truckin'!


Juliet said…
Did you take the photo? And if you did, can you tell me if either of them put a protective hand over their taco and called it "precious"?
Eddie Lin said…

Nope, didn't take the photo. Eric Shin of Kogi did.

Very funny reference though, my precious!
Mister J said…
If there is another Actors Strike, do you think they'd still come?
Mister J said…
You know TMZ ought to be scouting out this truck to get the scoop and pictures of celebs eating their tasty treats!

FREE advertising and promotion in a way!
Aliiiiiiiiice said…
ooo! thanks for the love AGAIN, Eddie - and AGAIN, I AM SO SORRY ABOUT LAST FRIDAY.

Ew! VeLvet rope? SO not our styLe! No worries, Eddie. The FeLLowship remains strong. And our tacos... so very precious...
Chubbypanda said…
Get the precious! The preciousss!!!
Anonymous said…
haha the precious reference is perfect for this photo..
he looks wired haha
Takeaways said…
I guess walking in the depths of mordor makes you hungry for anything! :)