Good Food's Video Show. Pilot Episode: The Los Angeles Taco Truck.

Check it out. The very first episode of the Good Food Show on video! As many of you are aware, Good Food on KCRW FM in Los Angeles (and online at KCRW.COM) is a hugely popular radio show about food and everything associated with eating, cooking and loving it. Now, the producers of Good Food put together a pilot episode for the video version of the show. I'm very honored to be their first guest. In this premiere episode, we explore the taco truck culture in LA.

Representin' the EEEastsiiiide, Good Food host, Evan Kleiman, gobbles down Mexican tacos in Highland Park. While I hang on the Westside at Venice Beach, cutting in the Kogi line ('cause I know peoples who know peoples) and stuffing my face with the famous Korean fusion taco. Yep, another insanely tough assignment, but somebody had to do it.

Love & Tacos! (to borrow a Kogi phrase)


glutster said…
What about East Los? The trucks here outnumber Highland Park Taco truck's!

And what about the few, the proud, the truck-less Taquerias?

East L.A...why not?
MaxMillion said…
Too much Evan, not enough Eddie!!

Nevertheless, it was a nice clip.
Eddie Lin said…

tell the world about those truck in e. la. that's your turf.


thank you. maybe i'll get more screen time on the next one.
I agree. Not enough Eddie Lin. At least, there was no "getting even with dad" scene on this one, a plus.
I think your putting too much of everything in!
But I want to try it.
Can I?