Roast Pig Face on KCRW.COM. Listen Online.

Face-off with pig face.

I share roast pig face with Evan Kleiman, host of the Good Food show on KCRW. I got a crispy ear, she got an eyeball. This show aired recently, but you can still listen to the podcast at KCRW.COM. Just scroll down to the bottom of the Good Food page. My segment is the final one of the show. And to quote Porky Pig, "Th-th-th-that's all folks!"


Unknown said…
Where can one pick up a roasted pig face?
Eddie Lin said…

You can procure one from your local Chinese barbeque restaurant if you have one. Your chances are good if see a roast pig displayed in the window. Ask if they have the pig's face and what the price is. Good luck.
Juliet said…
I'll pass. I don't mind eating steamed fish with it's fish face looking up at me, but for some reason, a big ol' pig's head is different.

I have had sisig, though. A Filipino dish that is basically chopped up pieces of pig's head. But you can't tell when you are eating it.

I'll still check out the show, though. :-)
Anonymous said…
Oh I remember your previous post about the pig face! Mmmm I want the ear and cheek! Never tried the eye, what's that like?
H.Peter said…
Excellent idea. What's for dinner?

Unknown said…
that roasted pig face sounds delicious....mouthwatering.
Smorg said…
I'm not all that keen on eating anything's face, but this sure looks good!

And you were nice to your friend, there. Isn't the eye supposed to be what Chinese would fight over? :o) I watched Andrew Zimmern eat the whole pig on his tv show once and he really savored the eyes and the brain.
Anonymous said…
hey you should try the tounge! we have that also in the Philippines, about 4 dollars.Man that's so good! Just make sure to at least jog in the mornig to burn all that calories. While at it try also Lechon! The whole pig,roasted!with the gravy! Oh boy!

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