Deep End Dining Podcast: 001 - Raw Chicken

We present the first audio post of Deep End Dining.
We drove around all day eating and drinking in many restaurants, this was the last one. The item on the menu: Raw Chicken. We were a little tired and loopy from a long day, so Warning, there is some strong language in this podcast. Eddie will write up a review of Raw Chicken soon. In the meantime, please enjoy the podcast.

We've included two flavors for download:
1. AAC version - this is an Enhanced Podcast that you can load into your iPod or iPhone (through iTunes) that features Chapters and Images along with the audio.
2. MP3 version - the most compatible (albeit not as fancy) format. You can play this on almost every audio device out there.

If you don't want to download and just want to listen here, we've included a little flash player right here.

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We're looking forward to having more podcast episodes soon!


elmomonster said…
If Mad Cow doesn't do you in, my money's on the salmonella. Great pod cast.
Hadley said…
I ate raw chicken in Kyoto around the time of bird flu. I was pretty sketched but like everything in Japan, it was delicious!
Juliet said…
I don't even like undercooked chicken. Rubbery and just nasty tasty. I could never eat it raw. Ever. You are truly a brave man.
Yes. I will eat but, tripe, intestines, etc. But I am grossed out by raw or undercooked chicken. Liver, too. I hate liver.
Melinda said…
The suspense leading up to the entrance of the restaurant was very effectively built. I must say the very idea of eating raw chicken makes me feel ill though.

I really enjoyed your podcast and look forward to hearing the next one!
Anonymous said…
Did the Flash player link disappear? I just heard you on the radio today and want to listen to your blog, but can't seem to.
I've eaten raw chicken at home for years (usually marinated like ceviche) because it's really good for you (not the commercially grown chicken, though). I had a sushi chef tell me he used to make chicken sushi but had to have the live chicken on-site to slaughter and serve it fresh. Would love to try the yakitori restaurant. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Oh, I figured it out on the iTunes. Thanks!
Alba said…
the flash player is there.

you might need to update your flash plugin for your browser.

There is an mp3 link in the post for you to click and play as well.