Insane Sesos Tacos! A Video Taco Run From Hell. Carnitas Michoacanas. Reseda, CA.

taco run from eric alba on Vimeo.

Brain crave.

This is a brain. This is a brain cradled by a corn tortilla and topped with salsa verde, diced onions and cilantro. This is a video showcasing a trio of very challenging tacos: birria (goat stew), "tripa" (intestines) and sesos (brain). The "tripa" taco in the video isn't tripe or cow stomach as the name suggests; it's actually crispy intestines—skunky and delicious.

Normally I'd throw in a lengua or tongue taco as well, but I was watching my caloric intake that particular day. After all, video adds an extra ten pounds. I didn't need the lengua taco poundage on top of that.

Thanks to Eric Alba for shooting this video. Oh, Alba ordered a couple of carne asadas and a carnitas, in case you were wondering. What a wuss.


Alba said…
actually, it was 2 carnitas and 1 pollo asada if i recall.

sticks and stones...
lovetacos said…
You folks in California don't know how lucky you are in terms of Mexican food. Here on the east coast, all Mexican food tastes like canned dog food. The only good taco places are in the most unexpected locations and you have to search high an low to find them. I haven't had a decent taco/burrito since I left the west coast over 15 years ago.