Bingeing Las Vegas. The M Resort's Studio B Buffet. Henderson, Nevada.

Hey, M Resort, the ocean called. They're running out of shrimp.

They say that in Vegas the house always wins. But if there's a kitchen in that house, then forget about it. Lady luck is on my arm when I wear my buffet pants. Just keep the free beer and wine coming.

Come out ahead here every time.


Ravenous Couple said…
haha...we love it..we always win in the buffet too..gotta eat 3-4 x your money's worth
Anonymous said…
Hahah that looks so awesome! Go buffet pants!
Muriel said…
Just popped in for the first time after seeing Bizarre Foods on Tivo and that photo is making me drool. I have definitely marked down M for a visit the next time I'm anywhere near it.
Eddie Lin said…
Ravenous Couple,

3-4 x your money sounds good but get ready for 3-4 x your waistline expanding too!




Thanks for visiting. I'll check out your site.


Glad you caught the LA episode of Bizarre Foods. I definitely recommend the Studio B Buffet at the M. But be sure to pace yourself. That's the key to taking the house down. Yeah!!!