Map of the Human Stomach. KCRW's Good Food Restaurant Map.

It's handy, dandy and delicious!

KCRW's Good Food Show just put up a convenient restaurant map to many of the locally reviewed Southern California eateries from the show's regular contributors i.e. Jonathan Gold, Gustavo Arellano and me, Eddie Lin. We wear our colors to represent, yo! J. Gold bangs with the blue. Gustavo goes by green. I represent with red. Red means danger and that's my favorite flavor.

Hope you all find this useful. Thanks to KCRW and its volunteers for working hard on the map that's good enough to eat. I'm truly honored to be a part of it with the king of food writing Jonathan Gold and the MAN, Gustavo Arellano.

The path to one's heart is via the stomach and this map will get you there.


Juliet said…
See how special you are? ;-)

This map will be useful when we plan our nest trip to S. California.
Eddie Lin said…
Thanks, Juliet! When r u guys headed to So Cal?
Anonymous said…
:( You guys should come down to Oz! I need to find more cool eating places down here!
Too bad Jonathan couldn't have been represented in white; then, we'd all be repping the colors of Mexico and the Know Nothings would go INSANE.
Gendy Alimurung said…
That's a great map!