Behold. Lonely Planet Extreme Cuisine by Eddie Lin. Street Date: 10/23/09.

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My first book! (Is that Audrey Hepburn on the cover eating a centipede? Bizarre Breakfast at Tiffany's?)

Just got the advance copy of my book published by Lonely Planet Guide Books called Extreme Cuisine. It's very exciting. The book is nice and pocket-sized so you can bring it to your favorite bizarre food places and show instead of say what you want.

Actual copy on my desk..

Overall, I'm very happy with it, and I hope you all will be too when you get to pick up a copy on October 23, 2009.

Haggis page.

Not sure if I'm allowed to do this, but the page above is an entry about the Scottish delicacy called haggis. It's one of my favorite pieces. Just a little preview. Book's not released yet so I hope I don't get into trouble.

I'll keep you posted! Thanks!


Daily Gluttony said…
Congrats Eddie!!! Can't wait to get my copy, yo...will you autograph it?
Eddie Lin said…
Oh totally! You're an O.G. Respect!
Food GPS said…
Congratulations on Extreme Cuisine. Can't wait for your book to hit the shelves.
elmomonster said…

I'm so getting this because:

a) I'm a Lonely Planet fan (I have a growing library of their books)

and more importantly

b) I'm a Eddie Lin fan!
Anonymous said…
Nice! I'll have to get it! Congratulations. Adrian
Eddie Lin said…

Thank you! I appreciate your support.


You're awesome! Thanks for your enthusiasm!
pleasurepalate said…
Congratulations! I'm definitely picking a copy up when it comes out. :)
Oh wow Dude! Congrats my man! Any chance you can sign an extra copy for me?
Eddie Lin said…
Pleasure Palate,

Thanks for your interest!

Pepsi Monster,

Any relation to Elmo Monster? There should be plenty of copies when it hits stores in October and then I'll be more than happy to sign yours.
I am totally picking up a copy on October 23rd. Can't wait. And congratulations.
Eddie Lin said…
Food, she thought,

Thanks so much! Sorry we didn't get a chance to chat at Chef Danhi's Little Saigon tour. Glad you talked with my wife though! Next time!
Web Design said…
I am a born vegetarian. I have never had fish, meat or any kind of dead animal I don't know what it tastes like. After seeing this, I am about to faint.
billy@ATFT said…
cool! I just had my fair share of extreme food from my recent trip to vietnam, cambodia and laos. Looking forward to this book! Congrats!
Gastronomer said…
Woo hoo! CONGRATS! I love the bold colors and friendly looking layout! Your words, of course, will be the highlight.
Anonymous said…
but...why is she eating a poisonous centipede on the cover? That's one meal even I would have to pass on!
Looking forward to the release though!
ila said…
sweet! i can so totally see this next to the everybody-poops book at urban outfitters. can't wait!
dealinhoz said…
Awesome eddie! Congratulations... your bizarreness has paid off.
A said…
Congratulations! I've been enjoying your bits on Good Food for a long time now---can't wait to see the book!
Eddie Lin said…

Sorry, missed your comment. Thanks very much. Totally appreciate your support!

Web Design,

Yes, this book will make a life-long vegetarian pass out for sure. It's not for the faint of heart but it's also not gory. The editors cut out the most offensive and gory pieces, although I was most proud of those. An author's uncut version in the future? Who knows.


Thanks. The book has a couple of those countries you recently visited covered. I think you'll enjoy it.


Thanks for the super sweet comment. I really appreciate it. When's your book coming out? I know you have one in you.


I didn't even notice that the centipede was a poisonous one. I didn't design the cover. Oh well, she'll die young and stay pretty.


Extreme Cuisine next to Everybody Poops in Urban Outfitters? I should be so honored! That would be excellent! Very funny too.


Hey, man, thanks a lot! You go way back with me just like Daily Gluttony. I miss the parties and dinners! Get together soon, my friend!


That is very nice of you to say. I'm so happy somebody is listening to my bits on Good Food and not getting offended or turned off. It means a lot! Trust me! Thanks for your lovely note!
dingobear said…
Congratulations, Eddie! I look forward to picking up the book in my local bookshop.
Anonymous said…
Congrats man! Looking forward to getting this book too :)
Eddie Lin said…

Thanks for reading all these years. I really appreciate it!


Much gratitude for your support and loyalty!
Anonymous said…
Hey Lin!

There is an article about your book in today's Daily Mail in UK. Not on the web edition.

Any chance of you mentioning the names of a few of the Extreme Foods?

Cheers from Kelso in Scotland,

Eddie Lin said…
michaelhamilton (or jock?),

thanks for the heads up!

some of the extreme foods in book are: maggot cheese, the bacon explosion, alligator cheesecake, balut, nyotaimori, vegemite, headcheese, tofu hell and many more!

hope you pick up a copy over there!

thanks again,
Anonymous said…
WOW! that is awesome! i want an autographed copy too!

Marco said…
I wonder if deep-fried chicken ass chicharon is in this book. If not, Eddie should head to a Filipino restaurant and try it.