Eddie Lin Talks Extreme Cuisine w/ Merrill Shindler on KABC 790 Talk in LA Today from 5 to 6pm. Listen Online Too!


I'm going in to KABC 790 Talk Radio today, Halloween, from 5 to 6pm to talk to one of my food heroes, Mr. Merrill Shindler.

Waaay back before food was cool in Los Angeles (or even very good), Merrill Shindler was wading through the murky mire of the local LA restaurant scene. Along with the late Elmer Dills, another LA food critic pioneer, Shindler would vividly share with the KABC radio audience in mouth-watering detail his food adventures, many of which took place in LA's diverse ethnic enclaves. He was ahead of his time.

So I'm very excited and more than a little nervous to be meeting him for the first time since I was listening to the man back in high school on my crappy little mono radio. And now you can not only listen to the show on your kick ass Bose system that you bought from an infomercial but you can listen ONLINE as well. We've come a long way, baby!

Hope you can catch the LIVE show! Yikes. Have a fun Halloween!