Tongue Tainted by Tonsils. USDA Recalls 33,000 lbs. of Beef Tongue.

A Beef Tongue Twister.

Damn. I was really craving some lengua tacos today too. Oh well. If I'm feeling crazy, maybe I'll ask for a tonsil taco. Don't you know I'm loco!! Why the recall? Read 'em and gag. The gory story.


Daily Gluttony said…
Funny how once something is recalled, etc. I start craving it immediately. Man, now I really want some lengua tacos!
Chicken said…
Love tongue. I like thinking of it tasting me back!

Juliet said…
I had beef tongue once in a Korean stew. I didn't care for it. But my opinion could have been colored by the fact that the soup also contained tripe that hadn't been cleaned very well and tasted as I imagine urine would.