Sexy, Savory, Sweet & Yes, Steamy. The Steamy Kitchen's Book Release Party with Jaden Hair Hosted by Todd & Diane AKA the White On Rice Couple.

Eddie, Jaden & the brand spanking new Steamy Kitchen Cookbook!

There probably should be a show called "Everybody Loves Jaden" because it seems that everybody does. If you're even a casual reader of food blogs, then you're probably aware of Jaden Hair. If you're a food blogger, chances are she's left a comment on your blog or, better yet, she's broken bread with you. Given a chance, Jaden will either captivate you with her radiant smile or seduce you with her irresistible cooking. Behold the power of Jaden's Steamy Kitchen.

It all started on the rooftop terrace of Todd Porter and Diane Cu's (aka the White on Rice Couple) uber hip, urban downtown L.A. loft just a couple of blocks away from L.A. Live, where a cozy group of friends, family, bloggers, writers and, above all, food lovers, gathered to celebrate the release of Jaden Hair's The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook.

But, it really didn't begin at a swanky rooftop cocktail party. This journey to the publication of Jaden's first cookbook actually started in 2007 when she launched her Steamy Kitchen food blog. And like a bat out of hell's kitchen, she was on a mission to make her mark on the culinary world. By any measure, she's accomplished that with her weekly columns, regular television appearances and now her first cookbook. From my initial examination of the book, it's going to be a great success for Jaden.

The hosts with the mosts, Todd & Diane of White On Rice Couple.

The White on Rice Couple, Todd and Diane, smoothly guided the guests from the rooftop to their loft, as we segued the evening from cocktails to dinner and then back to drinking. (That's my kind of night, friends.) Todd blazed in the kitchen while Diane blasted with the camera that always seemed to be in her grip. When she wasn't snapping shots, she was skillfully setting up the buffet. No sweat, at least not anywhere visible.

Betty Hallock, food writer for the Los Angeles Times, engulfed in the Steamy Kitchen.

The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook is a love letter to Jaden's mother, family, friends and heritage as well as an unabashed celebration of Asian cuisine. The book is full of vibrant photos that show off Jaden's wonderful life to the degree that you can practically feel the love glowing off of the pages.

Diane setting up the steamy spread.

Oh, and the recipes and food she covers in the cookbook look pretty good too. From Asian Crab Cakes to Korean Kimchi Fried Rice to Bubble "Boba" Tea, I could easily be happy till my dying day eating food from this book of recipes.


Food bloggers, big shot food magazine editors and pirates all seemed to have enjoyed themselves at this intimate affair where you could've actually talked to everyone. Imagine that.

A little bit of everything.

The food was gorgeous to look at and just as beautiful tumbling about in the mouth where it counts. My wife Diane particularly enjoyed the Chinese Sausage Fried Rice and sake tasting, so much so that she began recounting the time she tried her first "Chinese sausage". I told her, "Honey, you're drunk. No need to tell that story." She continued and shared with our group how much she looooves Chinese sausage. Ahem, I'm sure everyone was laughing with her.

A very edible arrangement.

On the menu: coconut shrimp, cucumber salad with Vietnamese nuoc cham dressing, tropical fruit salad, beef meatballs with lychees, garlic noodles with Asian pesto, Chinese Sausage fried rice and, last but not at all least, "Mom's famous eggrolls".

Beautiful booze. Sake from ginjo to daiginjo grades.

There was even a sake tasting led by a super smart sake sommelier. I'm never really good at tastings especially when it comes to booze. The "tasting" part usually eludes me and I end up guzzling instead. I never realized how delicious and potent really good sake can be. Now I do. Now I do. Thank you, Tylenol.

Beautiful people eating beautiful food.

Now, all you beautiful people go out and buy Jaden's beautiful book The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook. Everybody's doing it.


Amy C said…
Looks like a fabulous time! The food looks delicious! Congrats again to Jaden! : )
SteamyKitchen said…
Oh I LOVEEEEE YOU GUYS!!! So fantastic to meet you in person and party.

You and your wife made the party, you both rock! It was awesome to have you there and join us. No party will be the same without you! Thanks again for the great write up and fun pictures! Can't wait to see you both again soon! xoxo
Rose said…
What a great party!!!!! Looks like a ton of fun :) Sake is easy to drink and painful in the morning! I'm new to your site so I am off to poke around a bit :D
Cate O'Malley said…
I made the Chinese Beef with Broccoli from the cookbook last week and loved it. Can't wait to delve more into the rest of the recipes!