Let's Get Ready to Crumble!! KCRW Good Food Pie Contest & FREE PIE For All! Sat., Nov. 14th from 12:30pm till 4pm. Westfield Topanga. Canoga Park, CA.

Here's pie in your mouth!

Well, well, well, it looks like all those years of gluttony has finally paid off. All that training at Vegas, hot wings and Chinese buffets has finally brought me to this pinnacle of power eating.

The bingeing, the stuffing, the acid reflux have all culminated to this one day, Saturday, November 14th from 1230pm to 4pm, when 150 pies will face off against 10 judges. And I'll be one of those judges.

I can feel the absolute power coursing through my veins even as I type these words. I will be one of those who decide which pie will be the pie to rule them all!!! MwahahahaHAAHAHAAA!!!

Stop by for the pie or just to say "hi". Hope to see you there!

Pie Contest Image
Who wants pie?


Sat., Nov. 14th, beginning at 12:30 pm till 4 pm
Westfield Topanga, Canoga Park: Canyon Atrium

Public radio station KCRW-Santa Monica (89.9 FM; www.KCRW.com) holds its first-ever PIE CONTEST Saturday, Nov. 14th, at Westfield Topanga Shopping Center. www.kcrw.com/pie 150 pies will be judged then sliced and served. FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

PIES BEGIN ARRIVING at 12:30. JUDGING BEGINS AT 1:30 pm. Event ends at 4 pm.

Evan Kleiman, host of Good Food, KCRW’s international award-winning radio show/podcast (www.kcrw.com/goodfood) is ringmaster. 10 judges include a who’s who of food-world stars: celebrity chefs, cookbook writers, bloggers:

Mark Peel (Campanile); Russ Parsons (LA Times Food Editor); Stefan Richter (Top Chef; Stefan’s at LA Farm); Eric Greenspan (The Foundry); Elizabeth Belkind (Cake Monkey Bakery); Amy Scattergood (LA Weekly’s Squid Ink blog); Amelia Saltsman (The Santa Monica Farmers Market Cookbook); Eddie Lin (DeepEndDining.com, author Extreme Cuisine); Pim Techamuanvivit (The Foodie Handbook; ChezPim.com); Clifford Wright (noted chef and cookbook author, “Best Soups in the World; Bake Until Bubbly: Casseroles).

The pie contest grew out of Evan Kleiman’s “Bake A Pie A Day” Project.