How Do You Cook an Avatar Fish? The Parrot Goby Fish. 99 Ranch Market.

Available in 3D but not in IMAX.

On a recent trip to my local 99 Ranch Market, a Chinese supermarket based in Southern California, I spied a fish that was quite alien in appearance. So alien that I wondered if perhaps it originated from a 3D/IMAX moon named Pandora. In fact, I've never seen it on sale before and I normally make the seafood section a regular stop at the market. According to the sign, this fish is a parrot goby fish. These are typically tropical fish which I don't believe I've ever seen for sale at a food store or on a restaurant menu.

So perplexing. So many questions. What kind of meat does this Avatar fish have? Is it white? Is its flavor fishy or light? Is it best to fry, steam or poach it? How would the Na’vi cook it?

After a quick Google search, I discovered a great recipe. Not quite a Na’vi recipe but possibly just as exotic, this Samoan parrot fish cooking method involves mayo and kimchee base. Bizarre enough for you?

Blue in the face.

It's almost too beautiful to eat. But, then again, I'm a big proponent of nurturing a diversified palate so as to take the pressure off of the extremely popular and overfished sealife like tuna. So in that vein, I suppose it's just as beautiful to serve at a dinner party. Pop in that bootleg copy of Avatar for post dinner entertainment while you're at it.

You buy, we fry!

Far from the $20 million a kilo that the unobtainable unobtanium goes for on Earth, the parrot goby fish can be yours for less than three bucks a pound, so this experiment with weird fish won't break you. If parrot fish is still too freaky of a fish, you can always substitute with red snapper. Yawn.


Val said…
OK, Eddie - how does it taste?
Eddie Lin said…

Haven't cooked it yet. Next Saturday. I'll post an update.
DocChuck said…
Somehow, I think you have been indulging in too many mind-altering drugs since arriving here in the USA from your home in Korea (was that North or South?).

But, HEY!, if you get off on cooking 'Avatar Fish', then I say more power to you.

Have a good week.
Looks delicious. Can't wait until next Saturday
Anonymous said…
hi ! love your blog.
i am an avid snorkler,and
in at least one of my fish identification books,
it says that parrot fish flesh can be poisonous, so proceed with caution ! parrot fish goby sounds like a made up fish, but that photo looks like a regular parrotfish -
i've seen many of the while snorkelling in the carribean.

good luck & keep us posted how it turns out !
Val said…
Save me a piece and I'll share some of my criadillas with you.
Eddie Lin said…
Doc Chuck,

Your Spidey Senses are right. I am from and still in North Korea. I am in fact the first North Korean food blogger. Still that makes me one of the many Asian food bloggers out in the blogosphere.


Yeah, me too.


Well, thanks very much. And thanks even more for the poison flesh heads up. I've survived eating fugu, so I'm looking forward to surviving parrotfish too. Although, for the fugu, I had a licensed professional prepare the highly toxic fish. Am I feeling lucky?


Maybe you'll be invited.