Top 10 Most Disturbing Delicacies on Earth According to Caveman Circus.

Ahh, dessert!

A bunch of pussies over at Caveman Circus, another dude slash douche website. They can't seem to even write about the things we ingest here regularly sans sweat.

Caveman Circus counts down their 10 Most Disturbing Delicacies on Earth:

10) Kopi Luwak - Crap coffee. No big deal. Clean off the dung and it's the best cup o' joe ever (and pricey too, at about $65 per cup).

9) Ox Penis - So long as it's braised and tender, you guys should eat a dick rather than be one.

8) Bird Spit - The main ingredient for bird's nest soup. Hey, if you got the cash for this outrageously expensive soup (about 30 bucks a bowl), go for it.

7) Caterpilla Fungus - It's just a skinny mushroom...that happened to emerge from the head of a dead caterpillar. Two delicacies for the price of one as far as we're concerned.

6) Rats - Okay, visually freaky, but the reality is that these guys are almost like chicken nuggets. With some BBQ dipping sauce, you'd never know the difference, er, except for the creepy tail.

5) Monkey Brains - This one I'll give to those pussies over at Caveman Circus. It's pretty messed up. The truth is that monkey brains is easier to find on the internet than it is in the real world. Although mostly exaggerated in culinary tales, monkey brains certainly have been consumed by humans.

4) Spiders - What's the problem? Tastes like mini crabs that are sort of hairy. Just be careful about swallowing any of the poison.

3) Bee Larvae - Whatever. They're oversized rice with a surprise gooey center. You know, like a Rolo. Sort of.

2) Balut - Duck fetus. Been there, ate that. The secret is to just eat it and not look at it. The other secret is to have a nice chilled glass of San Miguel standing by.

1) Snake Bile and Blood - Do you like salty and bitter? Who doesn't? This stuff is easy to get down. It's just liquid. Chase it with rice booze and it's even better!

Yo, give us something really disturbing! How about maggot cheese? Human placenta? Live lobster sushi? Live fried fish? The McRib Sandwich? Now this stuff will give you real nightmares let alone indigestion.

Come up with a real list next time. Better yet, just buy my book.


Val said…
Shame. I've only had three of those. I must be lagging behind - I'd better start booking that trip to Southeast Asia.
Juliet said…
I am a pretty open minded eater, as you know. But I wouldn't touch most of those! I did have balut once, though, and I thought it was yummy! I might try me some crappucino one day, when I'm not pregnant anymore. If I can ever justify the cost, that is...
Anonymous said…
ugh, that's the scene that ruined Temple of Doom for me. That chick was pissing me off enough as it was and then the zenophobic, "eek, they want me to eat bugs?!1!" nonsense just put me over the edge.