Eddie Lin LIVE on the Nick Digilio Show on WGN Radio 720 in Chicago. Tonight (as in TONIGHT!). FRIDAY, Feb. 19th. Listen Online!

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The Nick D Show

Hello, Chicago!! Are you ready to eat some weird foooooooddd???!!! Yeah!! Ahem. Okay, chilling out.

I love the Windy City and am very excited to be on the Nick Digilio Show tonight, Feb. 19th, at 12AM Central Time and 10PM Pacific Time. To make things more interesting the show will be LIVE. Yes, I love live radio and t.v. It's like working without a net. Trying to get around that 5 second or whatever amount of time delay almost seems like a dare. But I'll be good. I'll be on late anyway so I think there is a "safe harbor" rule or lack thereof thingee that I can fall back on. I can say penis, right? As long as it's referring to a bull penis in a Chinese hot pot? I can say ballsack, right? As long as I'm talking about Rocky Mountain Oysters, correct? I can chat about eating naked women, um, as long as it's nyotaimori I'm illustrating. Okay, you get the picture.

I'll definitely mostly be discussing (aka pitching) my book, Extreme Cuisine, published by Lonely Planet. We'll be shooting the breeze about other things too, I'm sure. I hear the show's producer, Andy, is a big Three's Company (the old '70s sitcom) buff. So, I'm sure Janet, Chrissy and Jack will come up organically.

It's radio. It's live! And it should be interesting! Wish me luck!!

Once you're at the WGN website on Nick D's page, simply click on the "Listen Now" button. Thanks!


Anonymous said…
Great interview! Very interesting and fun throughout. I hope Nick gets you on the air again.
Eddie Lin said…
Uncle Peter,

Thanks very much! I just realized, upon listening to the podcast, that I misheard Nick when he inquired about "sweetbreads". I thought he was asking about "headcheese", so I answered him completely wrong.

So much for drinking and doing live radio! Haha!
Anonymous said…
That's the beauty of 'live' interviews - you get everything, warts and all, with no editing.
Anonymous said…
. . . and you're lucky to be interviewed by Nick. He's always excited about the subjects he interviews, and he generally has some knowledge about the subject. Also, he actually reads the books ahead of time.