Fresh Foto o' the Day. KogInk. Reprezant!

Fusion food and fusion tats!

You may think you're a huge fan of Kogi BBQ because you eat their famous Korean tacos every day of the week. You may even own one of their collector item tees designed by a fellow fan. Maybe you've gone as far as producing your own YouTube video telling the world how to track the truck de Kogi. But, until you get some KogInk, you ain't down for life, homey. Anyone can eat a kim-chee kuesadilla (well, almost anyone). That's easy. But to be committed, you need to give up a little blood and suck up a little pain. Kogi's Chef Roy Choi knows what that's all about in more ways than one because that's his arm with his new KogInk. I wonder when his KogInk sleeve will be done 'cuz, we all know, you can't get just one.

Hmmm, now I'm hungry. Where you at, Kogi Truck?