Tonight! ABC Eyewitness News LA at 11. "He'll Eat Anything!!" Lock Up Your Refrigerators Cuz It's a Deep End Dining Home Invasion!

"My other car is a tricked out news van."

Hi friends, just want to make an announcement that I'll be on the news tonight. No, wisenheimer, I'm not planning to botch a bank robbery or lead the CHP on a freeway chase. I'll be doing what I usually do and that, of course, is eating exotic foods around town.

Please tag along as I show KABC Eyewitness News at 11pm the odd eats in Los Angeles. Accompanying me on my Deep End Dining adventure are Rosie O'Neill (former food blogger for the late, great "Colleen Cuisine") and Valentino Herrera (blogger for the outstanding travel and food blog "Trippy Foods").

We hit the well-known Deep End Dining joints like Gueleguetza, The Hump and Typhoon, but you'll have to watch the segment tonight to see what we ate.

Included in the segment will be a mini bio on how I got myself involved in this culinary craziness. I haven't seen it yet so I hope it's flattering or at least not horribly embarrassing. Who am I kidding? I eat duck fetus for chrissake!

Many thanks to KABC News Producer, Lisa Bartley, Lonely Planet Publicist, Rana Freedman, Brian Vidor, Bricia Lopez, Chef Yama of The Hump, Kari Lee Collard, Rosie O'Neill and Valentino Herrera. It takes a village to raise some hell.

Don't forget to watch tonight, Feb. 11th, Thursday at 11pm on KABC Eyewitness News Channel 7. I'll have a link to the segment once it's posted to the KABC News website. Thanks!

Watch the teaser promo below!

Eat Anything! from Eddie Lin on Vimeo.


Unknown said…
I'm in San Diego so while geographically pretty close I can't actually get channel 7 out of LA. Oh, and besides, I don't have a TV. Bottom line is I'm looking forward to the link to the online version of the piece. Break a leg!
Daily Gluttony said…
Cool! Will set my DVR since my ass will already be asleep.

And yay that Rosie's in it...I miss her!
H. C. said…
Ha, I'll be at downtown artwalk tonight; may I interest you in eating a hipster? :P
Oishii Eats said… mom kept calling me today. "Jeni...EDDIE ON TV TONIGHT." She adores you. We'll be watching.
Juliet said…
Very cool! I won't be able to watch it here in Michigan, though.
MaxMillion said…
p.s. LOL @ H.C. They say hipsters are kinda gristly.......therefore *not* good eats.
Val said…
Eddie thanks again for inviting me along for the mayhem and madness that was an amazing night for all the senses. You auditioning sidekicks?
elmomonster said…
I saw it...and dude! You made Dallas Raines queasy! Priceless. Ok, now I have to do a Google search on your post about when you ate your wife's placenta.
Anonymous said…
Couldn't wait to see your segment tonight!