Yep, the Placenta's Finally Out of the Bag. Link to the Full ABC Eyewitness News Segment of Eddie Lin's Appearance.

Chef "Yama" of The Hump ready to do some serious dispatchin', yo!

In case you couldn't watch the segment, here is the link at ABC Eyewitness News Los Angeles.

FYI, the perfect wine pairing for human placenta: a nice chianti, obviously! Throw in a side of fava beans and you're golden.


MaxMillion said…
yeah, "It's so versatile!" -- bwahahahahahaha!!


Great segment, Eddie and great family pix.
Anonymous said…
You are seriously sick and the epitome of what is wrong with the world. I hope you somehow get cooked and eaten alive. Slowly. In fact I'm gonna put up a nice reward for anyone who can do the same to you as you do to the animals. Just wait bitch, lots of people will do it with a smile on their face. Just like you when you eat.
Val said…
I give it two severed, yet still moving thumbs up. Way up!