Congratulations, Chef Roy Choi on Making Food & Wine's Best New Chefs 2010 List! The Only Chef in LA on the List! Reprazent!

Grillin' like a Villain!

Chef Roy Choi, LA Azian brutha, reprazentin'! Yeah, I'm proud & bragging! Hey, he's an alum from CSUF (Cal State University at Fullerton), so am I. We pretty much grew up in the same town together. Same strict Asian family backgrounds with intergenerational and intercultural clashes and the ever present crackin' of the overachievement whip. Although I didn't know Chef Roy Choi when I was growing up, I feel like I did.

We both were clearly heavily influenced by food in our formative years. Big, huge difference is that he ended up as one of the Best New Chefs of 2010 in Food & Wine Magazine. But I love his food and I feel like I've been rooting for him in my own way all along. Big props, Chef! You deserve it!!

Read the Food & Wine Best New Chefs 2010 rundown here.

(Actually, I was in Food & Wine Magazine once, so long ago, in a galaxy much like this.)


Shut UP!! You did NOT just do this!!

Ahahaha. I'm bLushing. I'm passing this one onto Roy. His pLane shouLd be landing any minute now!

OMGZ! I ordered your book onLine and it hasn't come in the maiL yet. But once it does, I'mma track you down so that I can christen it with your John Hancock.

(( H U G ))

Thank you!
Drew said…
Great to see some chef love to the LA food truck scene...
Brett Sutcliffe said…
Lol thats a nice tattoo... For me this is the first time I saw a chief with baseball hat as well. So cute..