Bloody Hell! Eddie's on the Bloody Tele Again?! See Tonight's Kitchen Nightmares to Find Out! Episode: Sushi Ko. 9PM Pacific/8PM Central.

Gordon the Terribly Charming at Sushi Ko.

Apparently, I don't know the concept of overexposure. Or, on the other hand, I just might be on the cutting room floor.

A while ago, I participated in a taping of Kitchen Nightmares with the one and only Gordon Ramsay. I was invited to be a guest diner at the "re-opening" segment of the episode when the restaurant's management and staff were to show us that they got their collective shizzle together and turned this kitchen nightmare into something absolutely dreamy. I have no speaking parts or anything. I just eat and try my best not to look dead on at the camera. The restaurant is Sushi Ko.

Again, as with all of these types of shows, I can't say very much without spoiling it for everyone and getting my bloody bum sued to bloody hell. So, why not watch the show and we'll all be happy!

Kitchen Nightmares on FOX tonight, May 14th at 9PM Pacific and 8PM Central. See if you can spot me or not.

(Ooopsy, correction: I erroneously called the show Hell's Kitchen in this post's title rather than the show I meant to reference, Kitchen Nightmares. It's all good now.)

(UPDATE: I made it...onto the cutting room floor. I wasn't on the show. Oh well, like my friend Kiki Maraschino so astutely commented, "Unless he (Gordon Ramsay) spit all over your face as he screamed at you I'm not sure it counts." So true. Someday, Kiki, someday.)


Elise Thompson said…
Unless he spit all over your face as he screamed at you I'm not sure it counts. There has to be DNA evidence.
MaxMillion said…
Considering it's sushi, I guess Chef RamJam doesn't get to scream "It's RAW! You're going to KIWL SUMBODEE!"
Val said…
Sir, you truly are the "king of all media".
You'll always be in the final cut of my heart, Eddie.
Elise Thompson said…
Hi still managed to say "You're going to killllll Somebodeeeee!"