Elijah Wood, Actor By Day, Food Blogga By Night. Snappin' Pix @ Chego!

Elijah Wood, actor & food pornographer.

As if there wasn't enough competition in the LA food blogger scene, now even Elijah Wood can't help but pop off a few shots of his grub before mowin' down his chow.

His food porn subject ― Chego!'s One Chubby Pork Belly bowl. (Definitely some chubby fetish happening.)

I "accidentally" took this shot of Elijah Wood and his dining companion taking photos of their food when I was snapping a wider shot of the Chego! dining room. Ooopsy, there they are.

Elijah took quite a few photos of his rice bowl which leads me to think that he isn't casual at all about his new venture. The steely determination evident on his face to get a steady, naturally lit, ECU shot sans flash was not to be messed with.

I thought it was pretty cool that he didn't have any hang-ups about being a big star taking a few pix of his food before polishing off his bowl. He's just like us except he could buy a lot more bowls of One Chubby Pork Belly than I ever could...oh, yeah, and he can act really good too.

It's a topsy-turvy world! Would you try your hand as food blogger if you were a young A-list celeb? Elijah would.

Say "Samwise"!


glutster said…

EVERYONE'S a foodblogger will soon replace "everyone's a critic".

watch, watch.
Daily Gluttony said…
Maybe he had to bring the photos back to Mordor. heeheehee
Robyn said…
Ack. He has facial hair! Far cry from his Radio Flyer and Forever Young days. Boo.
Anonymous said…
Wonder what his blog website is...
Anonymous said…
Are you Kitty Kelly now?
sophia said…
That's freaking awesome. Even Frodo has come over to the dark side! Woo hoo!
sku said…
Ha! Who knows how many celebrities are secretly food blogging.
haha - people make fun of me when I take pictures of my food in public. They don't understand. Thank God the kid from Flipper does.