Ate In Taiwan: Beef Noodle Soup. The Comfiest of Comfort Foods. Hang Yuan Mien Guan Restaurant. Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

Here's the beef!

Even if you can't speak a lick of Chinese, a big bowl of Taiwanese beef noodle soup will soothe and comfort no matter what your native tongue is. As long as your native tongue functions and you can taste your food, then there's no denying the beef noodle soup's power to placate the palate.

Hunks of beef shank and tendon cooked slowly until all that toughness is broken down and it's as soft as a fork tender pussy cat but with all the heartiness of a rugged beef stew.

The chewy noodles bathe in the sweet, spicy and savory broth, each strand clinging to this union of flavors and transferring them into your gaping maw for your eating satisfaction.

Light broth but also light on flavor.

There's a "light" version that I don't like because it's not as flavorful when compared to the "red braised" version. As is usually the case, the more flavorful one is not so good for you.

No bees buzzin' around this honeycomb.

Like a hip-hop act, beef noodle soup rolls with a crew. Typically "small eats" like braised honeycomb tripe or a plate of miscellaneous, hodgepodgey mix of animal parts, vegetation and soy product accompanies beef noodle soup.

Pig ears, seaweed & tofu. That's what little boys are made of.

I love beef noodle soup and will probably request it for my last meal. Either that or a few dozen freshly shucked oysters. And a bucket of fried chicken knees.

Watch my beef noodle soup short below in awesome HD!

Beef Noodle Soup from Eddie Lin on Vimeo.


Exile Kiss said…
Hi Eddie,

Nice! :) But I was so bummed your cool, retro Vid didn't show you eating the Beef Noodle Soup! :) I wanted hear your reaction to both styles.

What's your fav Beef Noodle Soup in So Cal? Thanks.
Eddie Lin said…

Yes, I totally agree that the video should've shown my reaction to both bowls of noodles. However, I somehow neglected to shoot anybody eating anything at all. Maybe because the beef noodle soup was so good.
streetgourmetla said…
Hey brother Eddie. Wow, food reporting from Taiwan, the real deal, not some SGV dry hump! That beef noodle soup sure looks as comforting as silk pajamas and slippers watching Sleepless in Seattle.

Love the new background. You are on Faaaaaaaaayyyyaaa!!
e*star said…
Too cool - Kaohsiung, my mother's hometown. Need to go back, though, with more current supervision & knowledge and wouldn't mind starting out with a bowl of NiuRo Mien!

Looks divine.
Val said…
Just when my 12-step Asian cuisine program kicks in you go and tempt me off the wagon. Maybe I'll meet someone in a San Gabriel alley where I can score some pork blood soup, cause I'm really jonesin'. I would have returned from there 50 pounds heavier - savor those moments!
Eddie Lin said…

You had me at silk pjs, studpuppet! They don't call the SGV "Lil' Taipei" for nada. Yeah, on FFAAAAAYYYAAAH!!


Hey, my mom's hometown is Kaohsiung too!! I wonder if they could possibly know each other. You never know, that island is small enough. And my mom knows everyone, she used to be a reporter when she was in her late teens, early 20s.

Yes, you need to go with your super powers as a foodblogger!! There is soooo much good stuff there!!! Friggin' cheeeeeep tooo!


I'm off of every wagon imaginable. Join me in the Dark Side. It's more fun and much tastier.
Alburt said…
This looks wonderful! your blog is too fine