Ate In Taiwan: It's Gettin' Hot in Here! Sichuan Hot Pot in Taiwan. All U Can Eat Duck Blood! Old Sichuan in Kaohsiung City.

Huo Guo aka Hot Pot.

Hot pot is simply good because it's so simple. Get some finely sliced meat, add some quick to cook veggies, gather around a roiling cauldron, sink your raw food into the scalding hot liquid until it's cooked to your liking and finally dunk your grub into the tasty dipping sauce and eat!

The entire time I was in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, it was hot and humid, tropical weather. You would think that it's counter-intuitive to crave hot pot in such oppressive heat, but hot pot is actually an ideal meal in such conditions. All that hot food actually cools you down. Maybe it's the sweating. Maybe it's all those special spices that float around the hot pot stocks.

Yin and yang is the kind of hot pot we had, with one side bobbing with blistering sichuan peppercorn pods like ocean mines, and the other side softly glowing like a creamy yellow chicken broth bath.

Among the proteins were some of my favorites: lamb, intestines and honeycomb tripe. But the star of the night was the duck blood. It's a specialty of the house.

Nobody does duck blood like Old Sichuan according to my brother, Warren. He should know since he's tried a lot of duck blood at hot pot restaurants in Taiwan and parts of China. Apparently it's something in the blood's seasoning. All I know is that it was addicting and delicious.

Now I understand how a vampire feels. Just another bite. More blood. Good thing the duck blood was all you can eat because I happily took them up on their offer.

Old Sichuan Hot Pot restaurant website.

Enjoy the video in glorious HD.

Old Sichuan Hot Pot in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. from Eddie Lin on Vimeo.


val said…
Great. Now I want some. I hope you're happy. How do you sleep at night, buster? Someone find me a duck!
Eddie Lin said…

I sleep just fine. After I get my belly full of duck blood, I doze off like a baby.
Juliet said…
I would love to try that sometime! I love pig blood. How does duck blood taste different?
Exile Kiss said…
Hi Eddie,

Wow, very nice! :) Really cool HD video, but where's the English Subtitles?! (O_o) LOL (j/p). :) (I know that'd take way too long to create. I was just hoping to read any funny quips or interesting comments throughout that meal. :)

Are there any places in So Cal that you've found that makes really good Duck Blood dishes? Thanks.
Eddie Lin said…

Thanks for the comment. I'll have a written post up soon explaining in further detail the complete duck blood experience! Stand by!

Exile Kiss,

Glad you like the video. In HD!! I'm pretty sure there is a place in the SGV that serves duck blood. Can't think of it right this second. If anyone out there reading this knows of a good one, please leave a comment. Thankee!!

Chubby P,

Yeah, it's a great country. Can't believe it took me decades to return. Better now then never. I need to visit Tapei next time.