Oh! Those Chinatown Summer Nights! Tell Me More! Tell Me More! Saturday, August 21st, 8pm - Midnight! With MC Eddie Lin!

Just follow the balloon to Chinatown Summer Nights.

Before the San Gabriel Valley was the San Gabriel Valley of today with all the great destination Chinese restaurants that attract gourmands of all stripes, there was Chinatown.

The Great Dance Hall of Chinatown.

Before Panda Expresses dotted the culinary landscape as the Mickey Dees of Chinese food, there was Chinatown.

Before Yan could cook, there was Chinatown.

I lived one year of my childhood in Los Angeles' great Chinatown. I was 5 years-old and still in awe of my Chinatown. On weekends my newly immigrated family joined the crowds that packed the dim sum restaurants like Golden Dragon. Other weekends my parents brought us to Peking Poultry to pick out a live chicken which would be killed, plucked and processed right before our eyes.

He's the DJ, I'm the MC.

I remember my fascination with the grand Chinese facade on the Cathay Bank building. My first comic book, Captain America and the Falcon, was purchased at a local liquor store where I saw my first homeless man inebriated and passed out under the midday sun.

I remember the glorious sights of the bright red lanterns hanging across the plaza, inspiring a sense of eternal festivity and the tempting scents of garlic and ginger frying in peanut oil wafting from any number of superb restaurants. My stomach was in a constant growl with hunger pangs even when I wasn't hungry.

I remember seeing my first Santa Claus at the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association and, upon close-up inspection, realizing that Old Saint Nick was Chinese.

I remember moving away from Chinatown before completing kindergarten at Castelar Street Elementary School and wondering why my teacher cried as she held me tightly.

When I left Chinatown, life seemed less magical. Nothing was ever quite as special. Throughout my life I'd visit Chinatown and bask in the fond memories that effortlessly flooded my reverie while I sat on a park bench, watching the kids play in the sand.

Left my head and heart on the dance floor!

Tomorrow night, Saturday, August 21st at 5pm, I return to Chinatown to give back a little. Along with Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles (CRA/LA), Community Arts Resources (CARS) and KCRW 89.9 FM, I'll be doing my small part in promoting our own local gem that is LA's Chinatown.

Chef Lupe Liang of Hop Woo.

I'll be at the West Plaza doing the play-by-play and color commentary on our local Chinatown chefs from Hop Woo, Golden Dragon, Plum Tree Inn and Hoan Kiem.

Cooking is awesome!

The night's theme will be Harmony. So I invite you to come out for a great, warm, Chinatown Summer Night under the stars and discover Chinatown for the first time or all over again.

I've come back home to Chinatown. Hope you do the same!

Cooking Demos at West Plaza & Chung King Road
5pm – 6pm & 8pm – 9pm (More to be added.)

For more details, visit the Chinatown Summer Nights website.


Exile Kiss said…
Hi Eddie,

Wow, this sounds like it was fun. How'd your MC gig go? :)