The "Chosun" One. Don't Call it a Kim Chee Burger. 8oz. Burger Bar. Los Angeles, CA. *UPDATE*

How about a Chee Burger?

The journey to 8oz. Burger Bar’s The “Chosun” One, a Korean flavor inspired hamburger, wasn’t a simple one. It took several weeks of trial and error, a torrent sweat and tears, not to mention flurries of dried red pepper flakes and a school of fermented anchovies. This peppery path, laid down previously by the likes of Kogi and Kyochon, has made the road for The “Chosun” One slightly less treacherous. Korean fusion is practically expected nowadays in Los Angeles thanks to the wide appreciation of Korean cuisine (fusion as well as traditional) and its sizable Korean population, the largest outside of Asia.

Kogi remixed the Mexican taco with Korean flavors, and Korean fried chicken is practically synonymous with Kyochon. Could, of all places, 8oz. Burger Bar be the one to put the Korean inflected hamburger on the map?

I say, yes, they can! Edward Hah and Executive Chef Govind Armstrong have produced a very thoughtful and well-composed hamburger of exciting Korean tastes and good ol’ American heartiness. Just don’t call it a kim chee burger.

Although the sautéed escarole kim chee is a key component of The “Chosun” One, it’s not necessarily the star of the show. If anything, almost every element has equal screen time, from the feisty red pepper aioli to the drench-juicy 50/50 blend beef and pork patty.

Okay, I admit, the kim chee is what distinguishes this burger from the rest, so you can quietly think to yourself that this is a kim chee burger, but don't say it out loud.

The "Chosen" One is a very delicious hamburger. I would even go so far as saying it’s currently my favorite burger in town. However, The “Chosun” One is, for now, only on the September specials menu. It is being considered for a spot on the regular 8oz. Burger Bar menu.

Funny thing when you order this burger, you may think you're picking it, but what really has happened is that The "Chosun" One has chosen you because it's so irresistibly good. All you can do is give in to it — completely surrender. Liberating, isn't it? Now, all you need to do sink your teeth into one.

Chosun (or Joseon) was the original name of Korea, but The "Chosun" One is an American original which symbolizes in a juicy, meaty burger the best thing about living in a melting pot — the delicious and surprising flavors that come out of it.

Fingers crossed, The “Chosun” One will find a permanent home at 8oz., but just in case it doesn’t, rush over to Melrose Ave. before the month is over and devour one. Cancel all plans, hitch a ride, bring a friend, bang a gong, but whatever you do, just DON'T call it a kim chee burger!

Check out my in-depth tasting of The “Chosun” One at 8oz. Burger Bar video in super juicy HD! Enjoy the podcast.

*UPDATE* It's official! The "Chosun" One Burger has been chosen to be part of the regular menu at 8oz. Burger Bar, so now you can go in anytime and get juiced by one! You see, food blogging works!!

8oz. Burger Bar
7661 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA


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The "Chosun" One at 8oz. Burger Bar from Eddie Lin on Vimeo.


Juliet said…
I'm not usually a burger eater, but I would actually try that. At that size, I'd need help, though.
stuffycheaks said…
ooo i like they included pork so itd def be juicy