Deep End Dining Turns Into Deep Fried Dining for LA County Fair Tickets Giveaway! Share Your Idea of the Strangest Deep Fried Food & Win!!

Klondike Bar 1 1
Fire & Ice...Cream!

The LA County Fair! It's on!! From now until October 3rd, you can pick up some extra life insurance, check your arteries at the fair entrance and stuff yourself like a human haggis with the freakiest of fried foods on the face of these here 50 states.

This year's LA County Fair promises to up the crispified comestible ante by offering treats like the deep fried Klondike Bar. What will they dream up next?

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Well, you can dream up your own sick, crazy, deep fried creation and email it to me, and you might win a pair of tickets to this year's LA County Fair. If your entry is interesting enough, I'll even throw in some wine tasting vouchers so you can pair your deep fried White Castle burger with a nice Cabernet.

So let your deep fried imagination go wild and email me your creation to: deependgiveaway (at)

Also, leave your deep fried creation in the commment section too! So send email to the above email address AND leave the idea in the comment section also.

Only one entry per person and only one deep fried creation per entry. There's just one prize package to give away, so make your idea a great one!

And go to the Fair!!

Los Angeles County Fair

Pomona Fairplex, 1101 W. McKinley Ave., Pomona

Open Labor Day weekend, closed subsequent Mondays and Tuesdays. Mon. (Labor Day Weekend) 10 a.m.-10 p.m.; Sun. (Labor Day Weekend) 10 a.m.-midnight; Wed. noon-10 p.m.; Thurs. noon-11 p.m.; Fri. noon-midnight; Sat. 10 a.m.-midnight; Sun. 10 a.m.-10 p.m.

$17 weekends, $12 weekdays; children 6-12, $12 weekends, $7 weekdays. Many special package deals and passes available. $10 parking.


LA County Fair website

Ferris and Sky Ride

Oh,yeah, there are rides at the Fair too.


Unknown said…
Deep fried Ben & Jerry's Phish Food ice cream in a waffle cone with rainbow sprinkles. Bam!

Stefani Roberts
Chris Huck said…
Everyone's already heard of them I'm sure, but deep fried TWINKIES will always top my list of strangest fried foods!
Unknown said…
My deep fried heaven would begin with two slices of pound cake smeared with chunky peanut butter. Sliced banana, and a piece of crispy bacon are nestled between the slices. Batter, fry, drizzle with a balsamic reduction -- enjoy!
Ann Whatever said…
I'm gonna go with deep-fried turducken. Because a turducken is just ridiculous as is, so why not go the extra step and deep-fry it?
Diana Davis said…
he deep fried 72 oz steak challenge!!!

You get
a deep fried 72 oz steak
a deep fried baked potato (stuffed with sour cream)
a deep fried salad (it can be done)
a deep fried dinner roll (with deep fried butter pat)
and a deep fried shrimp cocktail ball

Eat it all in an hour and it's free! So is the EKG you get right after! No vomiting allowed. Not unless you let Charlie deep-fry it.
Anonymous said…
Ok...How about this...

Steak au poivre encrusted with black, green & white peppercorns and topped with a shallot enfused cognac sauce with a touch of sweet cream all wrapped in deep fried goodness. Lordy, I think I gained 100 lbs with just the fantasy!--Kimmie B.