I Went "ChamOverBord" at the Chambord Pool Party at the London Hotel in West Hollywood.

Where the pool kids hang out!

It was Chambord all ways, every way, eight ways 'til Sunday. The Chambord-o-rama held on the rooftop swimming pool lounge at the ritzy London hotel in WeHo was the fabu setting for this party to debut the updated, modern and sleeker Chambord bottles as well as the black raspberry Chambord Flavored Vodka. The look of the new bottle was oh so eau de booze. I liked it.

Pick your Chambord poison.

The 2 specialty cocktails heavily doused with Chambord Liqueur and/or the new Chambord Flavored Vodka were the Chambord Fleur De Lis and the Chambord Vodka & Perrier.

The Chambord Vodka & Perrier drink was finished with a nice fluffy pinch of a pink cotton candy garnishing that quickly disintegrated and bled into the booze like the Easter Bunny dipped into an acid bath.

I went a little Chambord overboard with both of these drinks and drank about two liver transplant's worth of the black raspberry flavored booze duo.

However, the London's kitchen went a little ChamOverBord with infusing Chambord in every handy snack that was passed around by the lovely London staff. Some of the items worked, some Chambombed!

No spring in this roll.

The lackluster spring roll wasn't helped much by the Chambord infused soy sauce.

Booze + dessert = win/win.

A fun Chambord cupcake topped with a Chambord flavored icing was nice.

33 proof snow cones.

Chambord snow cones on the London rooftop lounge during a very cold summer night wasn't very inviting, we jokingly mentioned to one of the staff that, perhaps, a Chambord hot chocolate would be more fitting of the chilly night.

It's gettin' hot in here!

Ask and ye shall receive! The next thing we knew, our amazing server brought out a Chambord hot chocolate and it was Chamtastic!

None of the offerings, though, could stand a chance at outshining the subtly sweet and intoxicating flavors of the two excellent Chambord cocktails.

Nothing, that is, except for a team of sexy synchronized swimmers with a Busby Berkeley flair hitting the pool with a great Moulin Rouge inspired show. Wow! You should have seen it! Wait a minute, you can see it, in stupendous HD, no less!!

I know, I know, you love me. Just enjoy the viddy.

Chambord Party from Eddie Lin on Vimeo.


Louis said…
Pool parties such as this one are really great. I think I should consider having that kind of party sometime.

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