The McKimChee! McDonald's Kim Chee Burger. Korea.

TV spot brought to you by the Mad Men of Mickey Dee's.

Sorry, Edward Hah & Govind Armstrong at 8oz. Burger Bar. Looks like McDonald's was doing a Kim Chee Burger as far back as 2007. And, if Mickey Dee was doing it, certainly all kinds of Korean eateries were stuffing the spicy greens between sesame buns.

But, actually, Edward Hah is one step ahead. He insists The "Chosun" One burger at 8oz. Burger Bar is NOT a kim chee burger. Rather, it's a Korean culinary experience between two airy buns.

Hah is right, though. The "Chosun" One isn't simply a standard 8oz. Burger Bar burger with some kim chee piled onto a patty. It's, in fact, several different and delicious elements of Korean cuisine combined with traditional burger ingredients that have been modified with Korean flavors.

Looks like from a YouTube video of the McDonald's kim chee burger ad, a few stamped out chunks of dubious kim chee are scattered on top of some soylent green-like patty and packaged as a kim chee burger. Doesn't sound too Korean.

Yeah, of course I'd still eat it. Duh!


Val said…
You're a braver man than me - I won't even eat the standard McDonald's "hamburger". Of course, McRib and the Double Down are freaky enough to try once...