WE HAVE A WINNER! Deep End Dining Turns Into Deep Fried Dining for LA County Fair Tickets Giveaway! Share Your Idea of the Strangest Deep Fried Food.

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Congratulations to Debra for coming up with the winning entry to my freaky fried foods contest.

Debra submitted a creative, clever and funny entry that I've dubbed The Deep Fried Elvis and she describes as "...two slices of pound cake smeared with chunky peanut butter. Sliced banana, and a piece of crispy bacon are nestled between the slices. Batter, fry, drizzle with a balsamic reduction..."

I might just have to request someone make The Deep Fried Elvis at the LA County Fair when I hit it later this month!

Congrats, Debra! You're going to the Fair! Look out for the LA County Fair passes and your wine tasting vouchers in the mail.

And, thanks to everyone who submitted an idea. You guys made it really tough to pick a winner because of all the amazingly over-the-top suggestions! Very proud of my freaky, Deep End readers!!