Lobster Zone. $2 Lobsters If U Can Catch One. Somewhere in the South Bay.

Scram, kid! No SpongeBob SquarePants plushies here.

You've probably wasted a few quarters on one of these contraptions, or you know somebody who has: your niece, daughter, son, senile grandmother. It's a claw machine, a claw crane, or, as it's known in the vending machine racket, easy money.

Normally, the prize is a stuffed animal or cartoon character. They're cheap, made in China and probably worth a lot less than the change you've been pumping into the slot to try your luck at scoring one.

However, somewhere in the South Bay is a claw machine called Lobster Zone. It offers seconds of amusement for a couple of bucks with the sole objective of nabbing a lobster by using a heavy duty plastic claw that's controlled by a joystick and "grab" button. If you're lucky enough to spirit away a delicious crustacean, the restaurant will even cook it for you. (Clearly, PETA no likey this machine.)

With Irish car bombs gurgling in my gut and feeling peckish for lobster flesh, I slipped the Lobster Zone a couple of Georges and high fived myself. My eyes firmly on the prize, I dropped the claw over a pile of lobsters. It descended slowly, menacingly, and, perhaps, striking terror into the hearts of the lobsters. With their claws banded, I relished the delicious irony of having a claw snap at them for a change. The claw closed in on two particular lobsters. There was nowhere to run (though they didn't try). I waited patiently like a sea tiger about to pounce. Then, at the precise moment, I tapped the button and the claw curled around two lobsters. My eyes grew wide ― I could almost taste the drawn butter, the fresh lemon, the sweet, sweet lobster. The claw tugged at the lobsters and...

You'll have to watch the video below in lobstericious HD to find out!!

Lobster Zone from Eddie Lin on Vimeo.

Click on play, playah!

And below, we have a WINNER!


MaxMillion said…
Funny and so inventive! They probably make more money this way, non?

Love the luridly-lit tank.
Eddie Lin said…

You're disgusting! I hope someone puts you in a tank of water and tries to pull you out with a giant claw and then boil you alive!!! See how funny and inventive it is then!!!
Aweswome, and I'm with Max on the tank lighting. I want one for my house.