Trick Arrr Treat!! Halloween Dinner at the Pirate's Dinner Adventure! Buena Park, CA

Aye, I gots me one good eye on ye!!

We've all caroused like grog soaked buccaneers plenty of times, but when was the last time you ate, drank and partied like it's 1699 with a bunch of undead pirates?! Aye, I speak of zombie pirates, I do!!

So, ye wants to revel with pirates, does ye?

Arrr, ye boots be shakin' and ye grog be leakin' down ye peg leg!! Hahaha!! Aye, zombie pirates were the main draw when I and the rest of me crew set sail for Buena Park and dropped anchor at the Pirate's Dinner Adventure, "the World's Most Interactive Dinner Show". (If ye be on the Eastern Seaboard, thar be one in Orlando, Florida as well, aye, thar be!)

As captain of my rag tag crew, I was proud to have scored a booty of discount tickets online at the Pirate's Dinner Adventure website.

Pirate finger food sans fingers.

Bonus: free appetizers before the show! A young lady dressed up like a pirate wench in a Mardi Gras mask and "show me your bow" beads passed around fried shrimp.

Yo ho! Even pirates like ham & cheese!

A young man dressed up like a pirate wench-dude held a platter of ham and cheese. Another young wench-lass gave out feisty yet tasty jalapeƱo poppers.

The best of the buccaneer buffet!

The best free appetizer was distributed to landlubbers by a guy dressed up like a chef. He carved nice, thick pieces of pork loin and placed them on top of white bread soaked in gaarrrrlic jus. Aye, they be good eatin'!!

I personally avoided the booze sold in the souvenir cups. Real pirates don't do souvenir cups. Trust me on this one.

"My other car is a pirate ship" bumper stickers here!

Free apps hour lasted for about an hour and a half, which was more than enough time for landlubbers and amateur pirates alike to spend all of their hard-pillaged doubloons on rum and cokes served in Pirate's Dinner Adventure logo steins or classy pirate stuff like bikini bottoms that read "Surrender the Booty!"

Where's Captain Morgan?

Just as all the scurvy scum got nice and liquored up, the pre-show in the lobby commenced.

"Oh my, what a big, long nose you have!"

The pre-show told the tale of an ill-fated pirate crew taken deep down to Davey Jones' Locker. Every Halloween, they make a ghostly voyage to take vengeance on the crew of privateers that sent them to their watery graves.

Pre-show acrobatics performed by a real gypsy!

Upon entering the dinner theater, each dining party is handed a color-coded slip of paper with a seating assignment. A zombie pirate makes his first appearance before the crowd during the pre-show and flies his colors.

Orange crushes all!

Our color was orange and therefore were expected to root for the orange pirate. Cool thing was that he was the biggest, craziest pirate of the bunch.

Rumble in the bayou!

The loose and, at times, unintelligible plot (especially after a few too many visits from Captain Morgan) essentially stitched together random reasons to unsheathe swords or jump on trampolines.

The soup or salad wench.

Our table side wench service was winsome and pleasant. A bit of pirately advice: Never utter the phrase "yo ho" and "I need extra dressing" in the same sentence when addressing your wench. Sound advice, this be.

Drink up, me 'arties, yo ho!

Me plastic stein was never in want of a carbonated refreshment. Avast! Me stein flowed freely with Diet Coke, sez I!!

Arrr, even pirates need ruffage!

My meal started off nicely with a pleasant iceberg lettuce salad and blue cheese dressing — almost as good as Norms.

Soup or swill?

The other starter option was a bowl of vegetable water otherwise known as vegetable soup. Pirates are a tough lot and this soup proves it.

Chicken of the high seas!

One of the choices for the main course was a roasted pelican — aaarr, just a little pirate joke — t'was really chicken.

Pirate pig, the other white meat!

Option two was pork loin and gravy. Both mains were served with sides of Spanish rice and broccoli tree.

As far as pirate rations can be judged, this stuff was pretty tasty and nicely cooked. The chicken and pork were tender, juicy and flavorful. The rice was tomatoey. The broccoli was, um, broccol-y.

Pirate Phoebster corners herself a bilge rat!

Satiated t'was I! Couldn't eat another bite otherwise I'd start to resemble that chubby pirate Smee rather than cool Captain Hook, and that don't turn on the wenches, saavy?!

Okay, maybe just one bite.

Then, dessert landed in front of me. T'was pie a la mode. Like I said, 'tis not easy being a pirate.

Don't mess with the shorty shipmate!

While I was busy stuffing me gullet, the "plot" advanced: The good zombie pirate defeated the bad one, the living human hostages were freed and Davey Jones got back what was rightfully his.

Finally, the audience got to do what we really wanted to do all night long, and that's act like Filipino prisoners dancing out Michael Jackson's Thriller!

Phoebster has friends in low places.

The orange pirate didn't only kick much ass but also was a fresh pop-lockin' pirate too! Check out his moves in hella hype HD below!!

We plundered, we pillaged, we paaaarrrrrtied, mateys!!!

Pirate's Dinner Adventure
7600 Beach Blvd
Buena Park, CA 90620

6400 Carrier Dr
Orlando, Florida 32819

Pop-Lockin' Pirate! from Eddie Lin on Vimeo.


Val said…
Maybe with MJ gone his dancers had to find another gig. Looks like fun for buccaneers, buccaneyes and buccanmouths, too.
How DARE you do this without inviting me!!! I'll still give you some cross-post love, though...
This is a very nice dinner adventure. I love the decorations and the dark setting.
Eddie Lin said…

Never can say goodbye! MJ will never be gone. He'll always be here in my buccanheart...


Oh, silly me, I forgot to Ask A Mexican to go to the Pirate's Dinner Adventura with me! Don't worry, well be back and with a bigger crew! Arrrr!

dining room table?

Nice handle. Aye, t'was dark and dreary.
elmomonster said…
Lesse if Blogger doesn't eat up my comment on this post like the one I tried to leave on your candy apple post (for the record, I tried to say "Oh the sweet embrace of diabetes!" or something equally stoopid!

Anyway, I snickered and snorted at your puns, but ultimately am convinced I need to try this. Seriously, those are some awesomely committed people working there. And tray-passed appetizers? They didn't have that in the medieval ages nor at Medieval Times!
streetgourmetla said… But, really, let's go to this just you and me sometime.....sober..of course.