Free Turkey Meals. Hop Woo in Chinatown LA. Thursday & Friday Nov. 25th & 26th from 2 - 5pm. Just Say "Deep End Dining"!

Free bird!

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving Holiday, Chef Lupe Liang and Hop Woo BBQ Restaurant will provide a total of 218 lunch boxes per day (one meal per person) on Thanksgiving Day (11/25/10) and Black Friday (11/26/10) from 2PM to 5PM (a total of close to 450 meals). These meals are complimentary and to-go only for Deep End Dining fans, so be sure to mention that Deep End Dining or Eddie Lin sent you.

Each lunch box will include slices of flavorful roast turkey that tastes so much like Hop Woo's famous roast duck with a special gravy, mixed vegetables and, let's not forget, the absolutely delicious garlic turkey rice stuffing. This is a must taste turkey, one you'll not soon forget.

Chef Lupe Liang wants to meet you all, so stick around to say hi and thanks. Again this offer is good from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm on Thursday and Friday (11/25/10 & 11/26/10).

Who says there's no free lunch anymore?

Hop Woo BBQ Restaurant
845 North Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012-2309


MaxMillion said…
Sounds great! Dunno if I'll make it down there, but thanks for posting. xox
Anonymous said…
What?!!! No placenta for Thanksgiving?
Unknown said…
How terrible that I didn't discover your blog until the 26th.
Jay said…
FWIW, the food was indeed free. As much as I appreciated it, however, what was given did not match the description above.
Eddie Lin said…
MaxMillion, well, you probably had big plans for this great Australian holiday!

Anony, no placenta for Turkey Day. Not this year at least.

iLyma, Hop Woo will be selling their Turkeys during the Christmas holiday too.

Jay, sorry about that. I only listed what I was told they'd serve. I was out of town and couldn't stop in to meet people, so I never got the chance to see what was actually served. Do you mind letting me know what was actually in the lunch boxes? Thanks for the comment! Hope the food was good at least.
Jay said…
No problem, Eddie--it was a giant portion of steamed rice, and a sort of stew with turkey, carrots and potatoes. There was a side of soup as well that seemed like a vegetable broth with kale and some thin rice noodles.

The portions were huge, and the staff was friendly to boot--no complaints!