The TronTruck! Soylent Beans & Chocolate Death Disks. The Future is Now!! And Why it Sucks. Disney's California Adventure.

I left my chips & my cheese on the dance floor.

In the future, plus-sized babes will be dancing in light-up spandex suits with gigantic mints on their backs. DJs will be "spinning" the hottest jams on MacBooks.

Derezz & Delish!

In the future, chocolate will be all the rage but only in the form of a frisbee that is lethal, edible and, yum, chocolatey! Talk about death by chocolate.

In the future, vitaminwater and smartwater still won't make you healthy nor smart.

Future food truck replete with 80s era rotary phone.

In the future, for some random reason, mango will be very popular. Except this "mango" will actually be made from (gasp!) hu-man!!!

This be the "legacy".

In the future, food trucks will not only thrive but take over the planet completely including in the mysterious inner workings of nanoworlds like in the movie Tron: Legacy. But, why the grub trucks still look like clunky, clumsy food trucks of the present and nothing like the slick as Rick light cycles in the movie, I haven't a clue.

Future food. It's so orange!

Nano-nachos with neon orange "cheeze" will still be favorite futuristic snack items as well as "healthier" alternatives like nano-nachos with "chicken", "tomatoes" and soylent "beans". (Yes, there will be lots of quotation marks used in the future.)

Be warned: if you tend to overindulge at cyber roach coaches you might end up like that other Tron guy.

TronTruck tweet: @futureworld yo! wherez evry1 at???!!!

Some good news, though. The lines to the food trucks in the future won't be nearly as long as they were when the food truck craze first started. In fact, there are no lines for the TronTruck!

The future is now!! And it kind of blows.


val said…
Shouldn't it be a flying gourmet food truck? What ever happened to the flying cars the Jestons promised? Why won't my Saturn fold up into a briefcase? Jaaaaaane! Stop this crazy thing!