Hop Woo Hearts You! Is Penis Soup the New Box of Chocolates? Listen to the Valentine's Day Special of Good Food. KCRW 89.9 FM on Sat. at 11AM.

Hop to the Woo!

Penis soup is not a hot tub huddle with all your frat bros after a raging kegger. No, it's actually a soup with slices of bovine penis bobbing about. It's also known as pizzle soup. Why pizzle? Well, that's a pizzle puzzle for another time.

Holey urethra! It's a penis cross-section!

Beef Pizzle Soup
is one of Hop Woo BBQ's secret Chinese menu specialties. When you break it down, it's a Chinese herbal soup concocted from beef consommé, spiked with a variety of traditional Chinese medicine herbs and roots and, of course, floating with phallus.

Chef Lupe Liang, chef/owner of Hop Woo BBQ, promises that you'll be a better lover with improved sexual stamina. He claims the young guys will benefit straight away, like BADABING! - Whoa, sailor, watch where you're goin'!! But, the older gents need to down a few bowls on separate visits in order to achieve desired results.

Other than the sex effects, it's also known to be a "yang" food, as in yin-yang. Yang in this case is "hot" or a food with warming characteristics, as opposed to Yin which has cooling qualities. So this type of soup is popular during the winter season when the body needs the extra heat. But, on Valentine's Day, when the heat is on in the boom-boom room, when you need some hot stuff, baby, this evenin', that's when penis soup is a hot item!

I'm tellin' you, forget the heart-shaped box o' chocolates. What you want is a natural aphrodisiac that drinks like a soup and eats like a little blue pill. Just in time for Valentine's Day too!

Listen in for all the dick jokes NPR will clear this Saturday (02/12/11) on Good Food KCRW 89.9FM or at KCRW.com.

For the record, I only needed one bowl of that pizzle soup to get the results I wanted, know what I'm sayin'? Haha! Fo' shizzle, high five & Happy V-Day!!

Hop Woo BBQ
845 North Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012


val said…
You put the VD in Valentine's Day ;-)
Eddie Lin said…

VD funny.


You're just as sick as Val. That's why I love you guys.
Daily Gluttony said…
This takes me back to a Gross Anatomy class that I took one summer at Cal. All of our exams were practical, and because our professors had a sick sense of humor, they thought it'd be funny to put a sliced human penis & testicles on a plate on a cafeteria tray w/ a fork & knife for us to ID. I have no doubts the beef pizzle ( I love that word "pizzle," by the way) will make one a better lover, but I don't think I can ever look at sliced dick the same way again.
Eddie Lin said…

Funny story but you really just wanted an excuse to write "penis", "pizzle", "testicles" & "dick" all over this comment page! Congrats! You did it! Happy V-Day to you!
Anderson said…
This might sound ridiculous, but as with most "disgusting" food, Beef pizzle too has great nutritional value. In fact, it has low cholesterol, high in vitamins, hormones and protein. Also, redundant as it is (since it's really a baked/toasted/souped reproductive organ), cow cuds are also considered aphrodisiac.

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Anton said…
Also known as bull pizzle, bull penis is a common dish in parts of Asia and Jamaica and is eaten by itself or in soups. In Jamaica bull penis' are called 'cow cods' and in China a bull's penis is considered to be a strong aphrodisiac and is said to have properties similar to Viagra.
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