James Beard Nominated Neighbors! A-Frame and Waterloo & City Nominated for James Beard Award's Best New Restaurant Category.

A-Frame's Chef Jonas Curameng (& Chef Roy Choi's hand).

To paraphrase Mister Fred Rogers, "It's a delicious day in the neighborhood!", especially if you call Culver City your 'hood. How often is it when you have two James Beard nominated restaurants in LA right next to each other? Uh, never! Until now, that is.

Major high-fives to the passionate people behind Culver City's two greatest food gems, A-Frame and Waterloo & City, for their James Beard nominations in the Best New Restaurant category. These two new eateries hit the ground running due to their impressive and/or wildly popular pedigrees.

The A-Frame's A-team roster includes David Reiss (The Brig in Venice Beach, Alibi Room), Chef Roy Choi and Chef Jonas Curameng (Kogi BBQ, Chego).

Waterloo & City's Chef Brendan Collins.

Right across the little residential street is their gastrotastic gastropub neighbor, Waterloo & City. The dream duo over there is made up of General Manager/Co-Owner Carolos Tomazos (Per Se, Le Bernardin) and the talented Chef Brendan Collins (Melisse, Anisette & Palihouse).

If you haven't experienced these two phenomenal restaurants, you need to go pronto! It's only gonna get harder to score a table from here on out. The most brilliant thing is you can park once and try them both in one night! These are the kind of neighbors I like.

Check out my past reviews of both restaurants:

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12565 W. Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90066

Waterloo & City
12517 West Washington Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90066-5505


Pauline said…
Excellent report -- super-cool pic of the cooks!