Anatomy of a Goat Roast. Tender Greens Hollywood. Listen in on KCRW's Good Food 89.9FM at 11AM, Sat. April 30 or

Chef Eric Hulme of Tender Greens Hollywood and goat.

Butterfly goat.

This won't hurt a bit.

A marinade massage.

Flame on!

Goat in the box.

Slicey slice.


I got your goat! Join me as I take you on a goat roast journey with KCRW's Good Food this Saturday at 11AM or anytime on From carcass to carving, I follow Chef Eric Hulme of Tender Greens Hollywood and watch him butcher, inject, rub, roast and carve the not often used goat (at least in the U.S.). It was a fascinating, fun and tasty experience. Chef Hulme used a roasting box called La Caja China which has been popping up as the roasting method of the moment for some restaurant roasts.

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Man, those cooking pictures are awesome. I really want to try goat on my La Caja China!

- Perry

Perry P. Perkins
Author - "La Caja China Cooking"
Unknown said…
I am roasting a goat for my son's 2nd birthday and would love to make this. Any chance at getting the recipe for this awesome looking goat? I have a caja china model 1.