Man Vs. Foot. A Really Big Chicken Fried Steak. The Evergreen Café. Wrightwood, CA.

One size fills all!

The Evergreen Café is nestled cozily on an easy incline where Park Dr. and Evergreen Rd. cross in Wrightwood, CA. It's the kind of restaurant Norman Rockwell would've opened if he had any desire to get into the business of feeding famished skiers and snow frolickers who visit the SoCal snow town when they don't feel like making the extra hike to Big Bear.

Why can't it be Christmas all year long? It is at Evergreen Café!

This restaurant is good vibes and your happy place incarnate. It's perpetually Christmas here and the twinkle lights will never come down (kinda like your neighbors in Woodland Hills except not irritating). The servers are friendly and get familiar pretty fast making you feel like an instant regular, just add refillable coffee. All the comfort foods that make one comfy are represented on Evergreen Café's menu, and breakfast is served from opening to closing.

My, what a big chicken fried steak you have...

Due to some DNA memory from a great-great-great-great-(ad infinitum) grandcaveman who must've gone really hungry at some point, I seek my comfort in quantity (the bigger, the better) when dining at these homey eateries. My fave is Chicken Fried Steak. I love it because it's chickeny, friey and steaky! What else could you possibly need other than a good biscuit gravy and Tabasco?

Your typical tenderized steak deep fried with seasoned flour batter is fairly generous in portion size, but the one plattered up at Evergreen Café is seriously generous. In fact, they should consider calling this beast the "Chicken Fried Sasquatch" because it resembles a large footprint — a men's size 11 extra wide, in my estimation. And you know what they say: big feet, big flavor!

Yum, this huge chicken fried steak smothered in a savory and peppery biscuit gravy with bits of sausage partnered really good together. The meat was pretty much fork tender as I dug through it without a knife. Feet lickin' good was all I could think when the crispy, well-seasoned batter crunched in my mouth.

My guess is that even the hungriest of snow bunnies will need to pack the second half of this massive chicken fried monstrosity for a second meal, which is exactly what I did. But it's not a doggy bag you'll need, it's a large shoebox.

Evergreen Café & Racoon Saloon
1269 Evergreen Road
Wrightwood, CA 92397
Tel: 760.249.6393


Ben A said…
Eddie, you have eaten some really disgusting things but this takes the cake.
Food Marathon said…
One of those nice little 20,000 calorie plates...
Unknown said…
A great winter meal for TWO!
Eddie Lin said…
Ben A,

Speaking of cake. You need to try the bloodcake at Waterloo & City. Yummerz!

Food Marathon,

20,000 calories, baby! Definitely need to run a marathon to burn that chicken fried freak off!


Double the pleasure. Double the fat!
David Ng said…
That is a pretty huge chicken fried steak.
jamesonelder said…
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Chubbypanda said…
Damn, dude. Boy scouts could camp out under that thing.