Dick on a Stick. Making Junk Food. Kune Kune Pig Penis Meets Fry Daddy. Lindy & Grundy. Los Angeles, CA.


This is a story about a dick...


...procured from these chicks...

Say hello to the Porn Dog.

...and then put on a stick.

Move over "Dick in a Box", it's time for "Dick on a Stick".

One fine day, Lindy & Grundy tapped out a titillating tweet that announced there was a penis at the shop up for grabs. Whoa, count me in on that one, ladies!

So, Valentino Herrera of Trippy Food was the first to get dibs on the dick. (This stuff really does write itself, my friends.) However, I went to personally pick up the porky prick at the old school cool butcher shop — Lindy & Grundy.

The rest of the story is in the HD video below. (What does HD stand for? Watch the video to find out!! Somebody stop me!)

Dick on a Stick from Ed Lin on Vimeo.


M.Dash said…
HD... Hog Dick?? (Do I win a prize of some sort for being soooo clever?) :/
Eddie Lin said…
M. Dash,

You might be the winner of the next penis thing we deep fry. Although, deep fried balut could be a booby prize. Hmmm, fried utter?