Nadia G of Bitchin' Kitchen Shout Out to Deep End Dining! Watch Nadia's Show on Cooking Channel, Ya Goombah!

Nadia (pronounced "Naughty-Ah") G. in her totally Bitchin' Kitchen!

Oh, Nadia, my Nadia. The way you whisk, stir and fry just does something to my inner paesano, knowatimsayin? Ever since I first laid eyes on your world wide web shows, I was smitten by your tough guy in the body of a hot chick schtick! There's just somethin' 'bout that combo — like clams n' linguini — that makes me drool like Homer Simpson! Mama mia! Was that a stereotype? Fuggedaboutit! I'm like early Travolta or Jersey Shore over here. Anyway, Nadia, you could probably pound me senseless like De Niro with a Louisville Slugger without messing up your hairs.

So now you have your own t.v. show and it rocks!! Thank, God, my cable provider, Vinny, decided to hook me up with the Cooking Channel and a few of those premium channels too! (I need to catch up on True Blood.) Anyways, Happy Birthday to the Cooking Channel and congrats on Bitchin' Kitchen!

Thanks for the shout out love, Naughty-Ah! (Click play below.)

Nadia G. Shout!! from Ed Lin on Vimeo.