Sacre Blue!! Blu Lobsta! Too Beautiful to Eat? Nah! Prince Edward Island, Canada.

(AP Photo/Foster's Daily Democrat, Geoff Cunningham)

One in about 5 million lobster gets a genetic mutation that gives it the blues really bad. In fact, this rare lobster is blue from claw to tail. It's pretty much like a normal lobster, it even turns red when you cook it, although who would ever do such a thing to this rare and beautiful beast?

Well, if you did ever decide to eat one, it might be pretty good with a blue cheese and blueberry sauce. Ooh, and Boo Berry Cereal for dessert. I like how the milk turns blue after it sits for a while. Blech!

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Val said…
Wasn't that an Elvis song: "I'll have a blue lobster without you..."