Deep End Dining Crosses the Pond! BBC Radio Eats the Internet. Listen to the Podcast & Eddie Lin's Interview.


It's really nice to be back in the UK, well, even if it's just over the British airwaves and virtually online. Last week I was interviewed for the BBC 5 Live show "Outriders" with Jamillah Knowles. Our recorded chat via Skype and over a plate of fish head & chips was a funky food frolic through the world of exotic cuisine. I was also surprised to discover my host's own history with weird food. You won't believe what Jamillah's put in her mouth!

I'm third in the queue for "Outriders" special on internet nomming. On the show is a fantastic cross-section of online grub, from the serious to the whimsical to the deep (that'd be me!).

Here's the rundown: 140 Character Cook Book, Great British Chefs, Deep End Dining, Crash Test Kitchen and, finally, Food Truck Nerd.

Clickity click HERE for link to BBC 5 Live's Outrider Podcast and enjoy your meal, I mean, the show!!