Thoughts Go Out To Jennifer Perillo of "In Jennie's Kitchen".

I don't know Jennie. She lives in Brooklyn. She's a food blogger, food writer and mother. Her husband Michael passed away suddenly on the evening of August 6, 2011 just before dinner. From what I can glean, Jennie and Michael enjoyed a happy marriage and had daughters. I got the news from Patti Londre, founder of Camp Blogaway and Worth the Whisk via an email bulletin.

I'm not sure why this news touched me so much. I don't know Jennie at all, though I've heard of her. Maybe it's that her family is similar to mine. I have a couple of daughters. We're all probably about the same age.

Or maybe it's the idea that we're in a "community". I know some people roll their eyes when they hear that word describing a bunch of bloggers who happen to write about similar things. I still sometimes do the same when I hear someone speak of community amongst food bloggers. My opinion was that we aren't really a community but a disparate bunch of factions spread across the globe with strong passions for food within a particular niche. Although, once we used to be a community when the "world" was a smaller place.

Now there are millions of us and it's impossible to know who's all out there. But when something like this happens to one of us, you suddenly realize these people are real and not just words and pictures of food. I know a lot of people in the Los Angeles food blogging world. In fact, I go back to when there were fewer than five food/restaurant/recipe/etc. bloggers in the entire city. But how much do I really know them, other than that Asyla is their favorite Scotch?

Most food bloggers have, pun intended, too much on their plate (most likely figuratively and literally), so it's a challenge to get to know the ones you communicate with most let alone the entire community. Many times I'm at peace with simply recognizing someone and shaking hands or giving a hug. It is tough to connect sometimes, but the effort is worthwhile. You've heard it before: Enjoy the moment. Live in the present. Appreciate what you have.

My condolences to Jennifer Perillo, her daughters and Michael's family. Jennifer, I admire you for keeping your blog going even after 2 days of your husband's passing. I hope it brings you strength and connection from everyone thinking of you.

In Jennie's Kitchen.


Eddie, I am honored you included me in your post. It is a lovely read, thanks so much for sharing Jennie's situation with your readers.
Val said…
Kudos, Eddie. Your words reflect a sentiment that is much to often forgotten in our "community" - we are human beings first, journalists second, How sad that it takes an event like this to bring it to our attention. Peace and love to Jennifer Perillo and her family.
Anonymous said…
Your kind words remind us that all of us will have those times when a friend or strangter make us wish support, but don't know exactly what to say. You always speak from the heart (and stomach most of the time)