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Cutting cuttlefish.

Forget what you know about Area 51 or even Studio 54, extraterrestrials are for real. I know. I witnessed one have its organs harvested. Well, at least it looked like an alien.

Squid or, technically in this case, cuttle fish, or seppie in Italian, is the bizarre creature from where the coveted ink sac is obtained. Once the tiny silvery-gray pouch is removed from the cuttlefish, it is sealed until ready for use.

The ink from the squid or cuttlefish is used for defensive purposes by its owner, sort of like pepper spray of the ocean. The animal squirts out the ink when it feels threatened and temporarily blinds its attacker.

Chef Andrea Cavaliere.

Primarily applied in Italian cooking, squid ink is typically used as a natural food coloring, thickening agent and salty-sea flavoring. As demonstrated by alien coroner/Cecconi's Executive Chef Andrea Cavaliere, a little bit of squid ink goes a long way. According to Chef Cavaliere, one ink sac, depending on its size, is sufficient for a jumbo risotto feeding roughly 20 people.

Squid Ink: A little dab'll do ya!

Risotto al Nero di Seppie or Squid Ink Risotto is an Italian classic. It's rich in textures and deep flavors. It's not at all fishy however. The cuttlefish is delicately seasoned, the risotto patiently cooked until creamy and dreamy with the squid ink permeating everything it contacts leaving the essence of the sea and the deep color of its abyss.

Creamy and inky.

The squid ink risotto embedded with large clams by Chef Cavaliere of Cecconi's in West Hollywood, prepared with the freshest of ingredients, is truly exceptional.

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Rosie O. said…
That's an awesome photo, I'm gonna have nightmares about it though :)
Gotta try that dish, sounds amazing!
Val said…
I've had their squid ink risotto and I concur - it is absolutely delicious. It's a dish you can really get your arms around.
Eddie Lin said…
Thanks, Rosie! Yes, I highly recommend this Squid Ink Risotto.

Val, you're a clever guy, you know that?