Eating Jamaica! The Simple. The Delicious. Simply Delicious. Ocho Rios, the Blue Mountains & Kingston, Jamaica.

Fresh coconut and brown sugar.

Lately, my food experiences in the U.S. has been largely that of complex flavors achieved by complicated techniques with each new experience seemingly outcomplexed and outcomplicated by the next. This is not to say that this type of cuisine is bad, it's just different, in fact, it's usually remarkable and delicious.

Simple, however, can be just as delicious. Sometimes it's even better. Take a freshly split coconut just retrieved from a coconut tree by an old, comical Rastafarian who can climb like Spiderman. Sprinkle on some coarse brown sugar. Taste. It's mind blowing how just two ingredients can combine to create such big, pleasurable flavor. It's counterintuitive, even miraculous, considering the food scene today.

My recent trip to Jamaica in the capitol city of Kingston, the Blue Mountains and the resort town of Ocho Rios reminded me that simple and delicious can be simply delicious.