I'll Be In Da Dog Haus!!! Celebrate the Dog Haus' 1st Anniversary with $1 Gourmet Hot Dogs. Thursday, Oct. 20, 2011. Dog Haus. Pasadena, CA.

Dog Haus Chili Dog & Tots.

“We are thrilled with the overwhelming success of Dog Haus and thought what better way to celebrate our one year anniversary than by offering $1.00 hot dogs to our customers,” said Hagop Giragossian, partner of Dog Haus.

What was that??? All I heard was "Blah, blah, blah, blah. $1.00 hot dogs"!!!. Where's my Joey Chestnut bib?!

Anyhoo, here are the deets:

Dog Haus, Pasadena’s go to eatery for an exciting and delicious variety of gourmet hot dogs, sausages, burgers and more, is celebrating its one year anniversary on October 20, 2011 with $1.00 dogs. The “Best of the W├╝rst” is located at 105 North Hill Avenue in Pasadena at the corner of Union and Hill.

Dog Haus
105 North Hill Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91106-1916


Wow! Sorry I missed it. That picture just caused me to drool all the way into my socks!
Anonymous said…
I miss it too! By the way next year I will surely participate for this kind of event. :D