Extracting Squid Ink: The Instructional Video. Chef Andrea Cavaliere of Cecconi's in West Hollywood, CA.


Here's an early Christmas present for you Deep End Diners. Or, if you're planning on making your own squid ink pasta for Thanksgiving, then this will be a Turkey Day tutorial.

Extracting squid or cuttlefish ink may sound bizarre and daunting, but after you've seen it performed, it's not so insurmountable.

Chef Andrea Cavaliere of the great Italian eatery Cecconi's in West Hollywood showed me step-by-step how to process a cuttlefish and get to that little precious sac of squid ink.

Enjoy the show!

Extracting Squid Ink from Eddie Lin on Vimeo.


Unknown said…
The chef is great and it looks like he clean the squid very well. Nice tutorial.
Eddie Lin said…
Thanks for checking out the video, Luna!
Unknown said…
The chef is great and it looks like he cleaned the squid very well. Nice tutorial, I should make a squid dish this week, I’m lucky to have this tip on how to clean a squid.
Lika said…
I agree with guys. the chef is really great. Nice tutorial!!!