Eating Placenta is Good for January or Anytime of the Year!! January Jones Mad About Placenta. Afterbirth―It's What's for Dinner!

Actor and Placentophagist, January Jones.

So maybe you heard that January Jones of Mad Men fame has been promoting placenta pills and their powers in battling the postpartum blues.

Her placenta pills, fashioned from Ms. Jones' very own afterbirth, are usually made by dehydrating, drying and grinding the fresh placenta then filling a capsule with the placenta powder. Finally, whenever the new mom feels a little down, she simply gulps down the easy to swallow pill. Clearly, based on public reaction to her story, the concept of consuming your own placenta is not so easy to swallow, even in gelcap form.

If you're familiar in the slightest with Deep End Dining, you'd know that I have no problem with placentophagy or the act of eating placenta. The problem I have here with the January Jones story is that she's not really "eating" placenta. She's just popping a pill. It's no big deal. It's not gruesome. It's also not the best way to consume it if you're serious about the organ's positive health effects.

I firmly believe that pulverizing a placenta into powder form destroys much of the beneficial elements, such as T cells and CRH (Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone), so that's a great argument for putting on a placenta bib, picking up a fork or chopsticks and chowing down on a placenta.

Besides, telling people you had your own placenta medium rare or bundled in a tortilla de nopal is much cooler than saying you took it with some Vitamin Water.


Val said…
Probably better off this way - otherwise you'd be sulking about how she didn't invite you to participate in her placenta party...
Jennie said…
Or you could make it into a palatable tincture that can be used for the rest of your child's life!
"Waiter, there is too much pepper on my placenta. But I would be proud to partake in your Peeeeecan Pieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…"