The Juicy Lucy. A Hot Mess of Awesomeness! Dog Haus. Pasadena & Alhambra, CA.

A bigger and better Dog Haus.

The Dog Haus is a mecca for tube steak excess in all its multi-toppings glory. With selections like the Double Dog Dare (a monster meal in between buns consisting of 2 hot dogs, white American cheese, grilled jalapeƱos, onions, the option to top any one of these cardiac concoctions with a fried egg) and their third location open in a little over a year, the Dog Haus has successfully convinced healthy, sensible Southern Californians that living a long life and looking good naked is not all that if you can't stuff your face with an Abe Froman (one of Dog Haus' popular sausage rolls) or two.

Wet & wild!

Although famous for their fully loaded dogs, there are other classic (and over-the-top) favorites at Dog Haus. Their version of the Juicy Lucy, a cheeseburger with a cheese stuffed beef patty, is a delicious hot mess... literally. By the time you take bite number two of the Dog Haus' Juicy Lucy, the eight King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls (4 on top, 4 on bottom) that sandwich the patty will have dissolved into a King's Hawaiian sweat roll, all soggy and mushy. Most likely you'll end up finishing this burger with a fork.

The Juicy Lucy absolutely lives up to its moist moniker of juiciness and loosiness as you'll experience upon your first bite when a gush of hot, liquified American cheese penetrates your gullet like a UC Davis cop dousing students with pepper spray ― it's a shock at first but then it gets tasty.

Topping your Juicy Lucy with a fried egg may be as unnecessary as Lindsay Lohan requesting one more shot of booze for her Long Island Iced Tea, does it really matter? In this case, the fried egg did contribute a satiating crispiness to the burger thereby further confirming the notion that topping anything off with a fried egg does in fact make it taste better.

The success of the Juicy Lucy is really the sum of all its extreme parts. Kind of like the Avengers, when all those super freaks assemble, then they become extra awesome. The fusing of the nicely charred 1/3 pound Angus beef patty, molten cheese infused with meat juices, soft and sweet King's Hawaiian dinner rolls and the fried egg upgrade is a dream team-up (in a hamburger kind of way). The combination of all these flavors and textures mingling and melding creates a delectable exorbitance that you can only experience with the Dog Haus' take on the Juicy Lucy.

FYI, grab a side of the Sweet Tater Tots. They're like crunchy, hot, sweet potato donut holes. The best tots ever!

Odd couple or perfect pairing?

You may hate yourself for eating at the Dog Haus but there is salvation right next door in the form of an LA Fitness gym. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Yes, you can!

Who cares. Just be glad you now can has a Dog Haus Juicy Lucy cheezburger. Right, LOL kitty?

Dog Haus (original location)
105 N Hill Ave
Ste 104
Pasadena, CA 91106


Dog Haus (newest location)
410 E Main St
Alhambra, CA 91801


Dog Haus Biergarten
93 E Green St
Pasadena, CA 91105



Great post. Those King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls are my crack!
Eddie Lin said…
Thanks, Gary! I love those rollz too becuz dat's how I roll!!!
Elliott said…
Nice with the Abe Froman...
Unknown said…
I've never known a dog who doesn't wolf down anything food-related at the drop of a hat. He's clearly a very discerning gentleman!