Paula Deen says Buh-Bye to Buttah!! For Good! WTF?!

Ms. Paula on her Farewell to Butter Tour.

Paula Deen without butter is like Sanford without Son or even Mumford without Sons (for you bearded hipster sons of bitches). It just doesn't seem right. But Deen lately has been facing down charges of hypocrisy by encouraging fans and home cooks to use "max butter", which is as much butter that they can cram into the crock pot, microwave, or waffle iron without damaging the equipment, while at the same time she was pimping meds for type 2 diabetes.

However, Deen appears to have taken the criticism to heart (albeit clogged with animal fats), seen the light (margarine), and done an about face. She's saying buh-bye to buttah. According to Deen's press release:
"Commencing today, butter will be in my past just like I hope battling with my type 2 diabetes will be. Ending the consumption of butter will be one of the significant actions I take. I feel a responsibility to my fans and owe it to them."
Good for Paula but this is just crazy. Paula Deen not using butter is like Guy Fieri not using obnoxious.

Actions speak louder than words, and it seems like Deen is doing this for real as she embarks today on her "Farewell to Butter" tour. She plans on meeting with fans at massive rallies across the American "butter belt" encouraging folks to bring their butter and to do a massive "bonfire of butter" and watch the "devil's fat melt away and seep back into hell". The turnout is expected to be large. Extra large.

Wow! Best of luck to you today, Ms. Deen. And butter luck tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
Giving up butter is a step in the right direction, but it's rather mute if she still puts lard on her hotdog.
I don't have a lot of sympathy for this woman. She reveals she has diabeteus the same day she announces she's sponsored by an insulin company....